FAQ of the Training

We'll attempt to share all the most frequently-asked questions here:-

1. Does this training guarantee my admission into Ivy League?
- Nope. We do not guarantee. And we don't think that anyone could. The admission into Ivy League is a very tough process. What we hope to do is to guide you, so that you are better prepared.

2. Would you write our application essays?
- Nope. We are teaching you how to fish, but you have to fish yourself.

3. How many reviews you would go through with us for the essay?
- We promise we would do 1 review with you on Day 3 of the training. This is to get you started on the right footing. To really have a good shot at Ivy League and equivalent universities, you need an essay with multiple reviews. So, we are helping you to get a headstart, but not getting you to the finishing line. During the essay review time, we hope to spend about 10-15 minutes with each student. As you would have extra time between 10am and 3pm on Day 3, do use it to prepare yourself, discuss with other students and learn together. It is an interaction time. Don't waste it.

4. Are you guys the authoritative people from admission office?
- We are not. We are just a bunch of people who have worked hard over the years, and managed to go through the process and get the offer into Ivy League, Ivy Standards or Top Liberal Arts College. There maybe 5 to 20 of us there sharing.

5. Does the training provide food or drink?
- Nope. To reduce the cost to a minimum, food or drink would be on your own. We would try to find a venue for the training, where you can easily walk out and get the food/drink within a few minutes' time.

6. Would there be mock interview?
- Nope. There won't be any mock interview for each person. We would use the interactive session on interview workshop on Day 3 of the training to pull out people for practice in front of everyone. And we would throw out a few sample interview questions for everyone to respond in front of everyone. There will also be a panel session for those interviewers of top U.S. universities in Day 2.

7. I paid RM25, and why is it that it is not guiding me till I get into my dream universities.
- This training is intended to give you a head start, and not a full blown process to do 5-20 reviews of your essays etc. It is going to be 3 days of training, where day 1 is a lot more on seminar based, day 2 on workshop based, and for day 3 would be review of your essay/cv and mock interview. For Day 3, there will be waiting time, as thre would be a lot of you. We'll spend about 10-15 minutes per person on your essay/cv review and also 10-15 minutes on mock interview. Would advise you to fully utilize the waiting time, to share and learn with other attendees.

8. Is this training going to guarantee my SAT score increase?
- Nope. SAT won't be our emphasis. We would spend about 90-120 minutes sharing you on a bunch of hot tips on SAT, and also potential resources that you can use. But you have to work hard for your SAT.

9. Is this training profit-driven?
- Nope. We don't think that there is any seminar in the country (unless it is heavily subsidized through some grants/sponsorships) that can afford to charge cheaper than this. If we are profit-driven, we would charge a lot more. If you really count, it is slightly more than RM1 per hour, since we are covering about 7 hours each day for 3 days. We intend to charge a very nominal amount, so that you would be committed to attend all 3 days. If in any case, you can't afford RM25, do let us know. We'll consider case-by-case and grant you waiver/discount.

10. How to sign up?
- Do fill up the form on the right hand side of this page. If any question, do email us at usapps2009[at]gmail[dot]com .

11. How many students would you train?
- Total seats in the auditorium is 250. So, first come first served. We will have wait list as well, once all the seats are taken.

12. I have registered. Can I be there any time as I wish?
- For those of you who have registered online, we will hold your place until 9:30am on 1st August 2009. Registration starts at 9am. If you do not show up by 9:30am, admission is based on first come first served, till the auditorium is fully filled up.

13. How do I pay?
- Payment will be collected on 1st August 2009 at 9am.

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  1. How is the payment done?

  2. You'll pay at the door on day 1.

  3. Hi, i am interested in attending the workshop, can i have yr email add to contact u?

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